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Mission Statement and Objectives
Islamic Affairs strives to implement the teachings of Islam as per the guidance of the Qur’an and as practiced by Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama^ah, those who adhere to the methodology of Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam.
The most important objective of Islamic Affairs is to spread the correct knowledge of the Religion—teaching Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam—by spreading the Islamic Obligatory Knowledge and supporting it with clear evidence.
Islamic Affairs set its objectives with the realization that victory over evil, triumph over heinous terrorism and prevalence of true and realistic moderation can only be achieved by spreading religious education and propagating goodness among people—knowing that society can only be reformed through piety and fear of Allah.
Islamic affairs is an effort emanating from a burdened heart calling for
moderation and justice much lost to the absence of wisdom and understanding
among the key players orchestrating the "War on Terror".

My effort echoes a genuine cry to shun extremism through shedding light on
proper Islam while putting in perspective that agreement and disagreement
about the principles of Islam, like any other set of principles, is a practice
advocated and embraced by the Democratic Society.

As a matter of fact The Democratic Society considers the practice of intellectual
terrorism an abhorrent matter and prohibits demanding the other opinion holder
to alter and change unwillingly ones principles.

Muslims throughout history have battled within their own communities against
extremism and have succeeded. The success is due to an essential element
among the elements of their war against extremism and heinous terror, namely
spreading and instilling the correct and authentic knowledge about Islam.

Religious resume for Riad Nachef

1992-1997: The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (AICP) North

Founded and established the organization and its chapters in North America and
served as the CEO & President.

Authorizations and Acknowledgements

Studied the obligatory knowledge of Islam over the course of 30 years in
Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and USA through circles of knowledge
taught by prominent teachers who acquired their knowledge through a
continuous chain of teachers that go back to the Prophet sallallahu ^alayhi wa
sallam .

I have been authorized to teach the knowledge of the religion, in writing and/or
verbally, by several prominent Scholars such as the astute scholar his eminence
Sheikh ^Abdullah Al Harari, his eminence sheikh ^Abdul ^Aziz Al Ghumari, his
eminence sheikh ^Abdur-Rahman Al-Habashi among other astute scholars and
prominent schools in Lebanon and India.

I have been privileged by being invited into the Rifa^iyy and the Naqshabandi
Sufi orders among others.

Academic resume for Riad Nachef

Pullman, WA 1976–1978 Washington State University
B.A., Business Administration. Emphasis in Marketing and Operations
Management Completed course work towards an M sc. Degree in Soil Physics.
Beirut, Lebanon 1972–1976 American University of Beirut
B sc. Agricultural Science.
Engineer Agricole Diploma emphasis in Soils and Irrigation.
I am Fluent in English and Arabic, both written and spoken . I have moderate
Computer skills in Excel, Microsoft word, Peachtree Premium Accounting. I
enjoy market presence experience in France, Germany Italy, Belgium,
Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, England, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia,
Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan
Work Experience
Over the years I have occupied several leading executive positions with
prominent companies in Saudi Arabia and the USA with responsibilities varying
between sales and marketing, operations management, and general management.


Islamic Affairs offers translations of authentic and credible religious
texts and works in the following capacities:
Tawhid (Knowledge about Allah and about the Prophets)
Fiqh (The science of jurisprudence)
Hadith (The sayings of the Prophet sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam)
Qur'anic studies
Arabic studies
General Lessons
Islamic Affairs also offers a selection of audio and multimedia effects
in the area of Islamic chants, Qur'anic recitatations, Hadith and
A selection of interesting articles, commentaries and refutations shall
also be posted periodically. As well a periodic opinion of Islam in Focus
shall be displayed.
Islamic Affairs will attempt to provide hard copies of posted materials
for those who are interested for a nominal contribution.
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