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1 Sins of the Hands Administrator 123
2 Sins of the Heart Administrator 137
3 Asking by the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam Administrator 126
4 Gossip (ghibah) is a disease prevailing in many societies Administrator 130
5 What is the meaning of the Hadeeth: ‎كُلُّ بِدعةٍ ضَلالةٌ Administrator 141
6 Some Innovations of Guidance: Administrator 147
7 What is the Judgment on Innovation in General: Administrator 145
8 Religion is not a matter of Opinion Administrator 122
9 History of Mawlid Administrator 138
10 It was conveyed that the Mujadid strengthens the proofs of Islam Administrator 136
11 Mujadid Administrator 130
12 The Messenger of Allah ﷺ, said: "كل عمل ليس عليه أمرنا فهو رد" Which means: “If anyone innovates in our Religion a matter which does not belong to it, then it is rejected. Administrator 125
13 Prohibited Games Administrator 129
14 Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing Administrator 138
15 The people in Hellfire do not sleep because their punishment is continuous. Administrator 128
16 Islam is based on five matters Administrator 161
17 Allah, ta^ala, said in the Qur’an, Ayah 8 of Surat Qaf, what means: “Whatever one says, be it good or evil, two angels Raqib and ^Atid write it.” Administrator 132
18 The eclipse payer is sunnah to do Administrator 136
19 Sins of the Private Parts Administrator 130
20 Sins of the Foot Administrator 137
21 The Islamic Knowledge is the Life of Islam Administrator 134
22 Adhering to the Methodology of Muslim Masses Administrator 128
23 القُدْسُ عاصِمَةُ فلسطين The Aqsa Mosque المسجد الأقصى Administrator 136
24 EARLY LIFE OF PROPHET ^ISA Administrator 126
25 ^Isa received a Heavenly Book, the Injil, which contained the Shari^ah, (rules of the Religion) revealed to him. Administrator 132
26 When Prophet ^Isa was 33 years old, the blasphemers among the offspring of Israel plotted to kill him, Administrator 150
27 Prophet ^Isa, peace be upon him, is still alive--in the second sky--worshipping Allah Administrator 134
28 PROPHET ^ISA'S DESCENT TO EARTH Administrator 200
29 Jesus A Prophet of Allah Administrator 155
30 Al-Hawd: The Basin: Al-Hawd, (the Basin which Allah will grant the Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa-sallam, as a succor to His Ummah on the Day of Judgment), is true. Administrator 111
31 There are angels who are assigned to visit the righteous believers to give them beneficences of goodness Administrator 125
32 The person must learn the attributes of the angels. If he does not learn that, he would fall in perdition. Administrator 132
33 Moreover, the angels love to descend to the circles of Knowledge Administrator 115
34 Al-Lawh wal-Qalam: The Tablet and the Pen Administrator 129
35 One should also know that there is a difference between the angels and the jinn Administrator 121
36 What is the purpose of creating the humans and the jinn? Administrator 130
37 Jesus is a Muslim Administrator 213
38 Allah strengthens the Prophet’s sight Administrator 146
39 The birth of Jesus, peace be upon him, also known as the Messiah or `Eesaa, the son of Mary the virgin, was an extraordinary doing that the Creator willed to exist. Administrator 131
40 The Advent of Jesus, peace be upon him Administrator 145
41 The truth is that Mixing between men and women of two (2) categories : 1- A permissible way 2- A haram way Administrator 160
42 Impeccability of Prophets Administrator 150
43 Unlike fasting There is no kaffaarah for not completing the make up prayers. Administrator 139
44 Allah praised those who keep pr Administrator 127
45 Important warnings: The Origin of Man Administrator 150
46 The Journey of a Happy Sou Administrator 136
47 `Uzayr’s Revival Administrator 131
48 `Uzayr with his family Administrator 140
49 Middle of Sha`baan’s Night Administrator 123
50 Allah told about the Jews that they knew Muhammad was a prophet in Surah al-Baqarah, 146: يَعْرِفُونَهُ كَمَا يَعْرِفُونَ أَبْنَاءَهُمْ Administrator 134
51 The Greatest Right of Allah upon His Slaves Administrator 133
52 Among the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad, SallAllaahu ^alayhi wa sallam, and the best Miracle that can still be seen today, is the miracle of the Holy Qur’aan. Administrator 109
53 Allah, ta^ala, said in the Qur’an, Ayah 8 of Surat Qaf, what means: “Whatever one says, be it good or evil, two angels Raqib and ^Atid write it.” Administrator 125
54 Suspicious Meat Administrator 133
55 Integrals of Islamic Slaughter Administrator 124
56 Fasting the Day of `Aashooraa’ Administrator 117
57 It is indeed proper and timely for both the husband and wife to aid one another in acts of obedience like awaking for night prayers. Administrator 126
58 The proof that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلَّم benefits in his life and after his death by Allah's Will Administrator 128
59 The State of Ihraam: Prohibitions and Expiation Due Administrator 125
60 Allah, ta^ala, said in the Qur’an: وصوركم فأحسن صوركم وإليه المصير Administrator 126
61 Rules of Fasting • Allah said in sooratul Maa’idah, 27: قَالَ إِنَّمَا يَتَقَبَّلُ اللَّهُ مِنَ الْمُتَّقِينَ Administrator 118
62 The understanding of the hidden meanings of fasting is a means for seeking Islamic education, sound mannerism, sentimental attachment to Islam and Ramadan and proper upbringing Administrator 118
63 Time for fasting Ramadan Administrator 118
64 Fasting Ramadan in Islam Administrator 131
65 Fasting and Ramadan Administrator 125
66 In summary, we can’t be safe on the Day of Judgment without following the Prophet. We have to follow the rules of the Prophet, and we can’t know these rules without acquiring the knowledge of the Religion. Administrator 335
67 The Attributes of the Prophets Administrator 589
68 Allah created the ^Arsh after the water. The ^Arsh was created from that water, and huge angels were created after the water, from that water. So, the origin of all the creations is that water--without an intermediary stage between them Administrator 336
69 Arrogance (kibr), as defined by Islam, refers to rejecting the truth or looking down on others. Administrator 418
71 A Warning Regarding Ruqa (Statements of INVOCATION of summoning the devil or idols), Tama’im (CHARMS of Well being and protection from evil eye) , and Tiwalah (Statements of SORCERY) Administrator 438
72 Hijab-- Allah ordered the woman with the obligatory covering Administrator 350
73 HOW TO PRAY Administrator 365
75 Ramadan is the Best Month of the Year Administrator 307
76 The Substantiation of the People of Belief that The Reliance for Fasting Is On Sighting the Crescent of Ramadan or Completing Thirty Days of Sha^ban Administrator 331
77 SUFISM vs. “SUFI-CLAIMERS” Administrator 421
78 Allāh The Exalted revealed in the 114th verse of the chapter of Taha وقل رب زدني علما what means and say O Muhammad, Increase my knowledge O Lord. Administrator 333
79 Nobody Is Equal To The Prophets In Status In This Dunyā And Likewise Nobody Is Equal To The Prophets In Status In The Hereafter Administrator 307
80 no matter how many sins one commits, as long as he dies as a muslim, then he will be saved from dwelling forever in hellfire. Administrator 760
81 Shaykh ^Abdul Ghaniyy An-nabulsiyy (1143H) said: Religiously, The Categories Of Blasphemy Are Three Categories That All Blasphemy Refers Back To Administrator 458
82 the Prophet, may peace be upon him, said money is a blessing for the pious Muslim who acquires it from a halal way and spends it doing good. Administrator 361
83 it is stated that the one who follows a path other than the path of what the Muslim scholars agreed on then such a person will be subject to the severe torture in hell fire Administrator 434
84 on the blessed day of ^Idul-Adha, the Prophet peace be upon him encouraged the muslims to slaughter. Administrator 469
85 Some clarification of At-Tawassul Administrator 492
86 Elucidating the rules of the Obligatory Spending. Administrator 754
87 Obligations of the Wife Administrator 826
88 Elucidating the sins of the heart. Administrator 938
89 Elucidating that which is obligatory upon the accountable person from the actions of the heart. Administrator 867
90 Recipients of Zakah Administrator 855
91 Zakah of Fitr Administrator 719
92 Zakah on Trade Articles Administrator 754
93 Zakah on Gold and Silver, Gold and Silver Ores, and Golden and Silver Treasure-Troves-Rikaz) Administrator 738
94 Zakah on Dates, Raisens, and Staple Crops Administrator 783
95 Elucidated the types of wealth on which paying Zakah is obligatory for animals, Administrator 710
96 Items Subject to Zakah) / the rules of Zakah Administrator 636
97 Burial of the Dead Administrator 620
98 (The minimum obligatory prayer for the dead) Administrator 633
99 The minimum obligatory washing of the dead is to remove the najas-filth Administrator 614
100 Elucidating how the deceased person is prepared for burial and how the funeral prayer is prayed. Administrator 700
101 Following the Imam in the Prayer) a chapter regarding the conditions of following. Administrator 1242
102 Conditions of the Two Speeches Administrator 602
103 Integrals of the Two Speeches (Khutbahs) Administrator 644
104 The conditions of the Friday Prayer) i.e. the conditions for the validity of the Friday Prayer, (are:) four matters Administrator 750
105 The Congregational Prayer (Jama^ah)) in the five obligatory prayers (is a communal obligation (fard kifayah Administrator 664
106 The integrals (rukns) of prayer are seventeen (17) Administrator 1129
107 Elucidating the conditions for the getting reward from Allah tabaraka wa ta^ala for one’s prayer Administrator 671
108 Elucidating the invalidators of prayer Administrator 714
109 Elucidating other conditions among the conditions of prayer, facing Ka^bah and setting in of the prayer time Administrator 656
110 Among the conditions of) the validity of (prayer is to be clear of najas-filth Administrator 814
111 The person who) is in the state of minor ritual impurity by having (invalidated his wudu’ is prohibited from performing) four matters Administrator 598
112 Dry Purification (Tayammum) Administrator 713
113 The conditions of one’s purification) including ablution and the purificatory bath (to be valid are:) five matters: Administrator 710
114 The obligations) i.e. the integrals (of the purificatory bath (ghusl) are two Administrator 714
115 The purificatory bath (ghusl Administrator 758
116 Cleaning Oneself after Defecation and Urination (Istinja’) Administrator 931
117 Ablution is invalidated by:) Four things Administrator 772
118 Ablution is invalidated by:) Four things Administrator 478
119 Ablution is one of the conditions) for the validity (of prayer. Administrator 1012
120 (The) definition of (unlawful “haram” is what Allah threatened its committer), i.e., the one who does it, (with punishment) Administrator 679
121 Commanding the Obligatory ‘Ma^ruf’ and Forbidding the Unlawful ‘Munkar’ Administrator 716
122 Among the rules pertaining to the apostate is that the (marriage) contract is immediately invalidated upon either one of the spouses apostatizing (before the marital consummation Administrator 697
123 Repentence of the Apostate “Murtadd” Administrator 714
124 any belief, action or saying which belittles Allah, His Books, His Messengers, His Angels, His Rites) (or) (the well-known practices of His religion, His Rules, His Promise, or His Rules is Blasphemy Administrator 555
125 A large number of scholars “faqihs” enumerated many) examples of (blasphemous things Administrator 646
126 (The third category of apostasy is the apostate sayings, which are too many. (Some examples are:) Administrator 726
127 The second category of apostasy is the apostate actions, such as prostrating to an idol) Administrator 654
128 Examples of the first category of apostasy, i.e., the apostate beliefs, are: Administrator 702
129 An-Nawawiyy and other scholars of the four schools ‘madhhabs” classified apostasy into three categories Administrator 720
130 Anger is not an excuse for one to escape the judgment of falling into blasphemy. Administrator 683
131 The Egyptian, Sayyid Sabiq[3], intentionally contradicted what the Prophet said Administrator 882
132 A person may utter a) blasphemous (word that one thinks harmless), i.e., he thinks it holds no harm for him, (which results), i.e., due to his uttering it, (in one’s falling the depth of seventy years into Hellfire.>> Administrator 734
133 Apostasy is an abhorrent), i.e., a very ugly (type of blasphemy”) Administrator 726
134 It is obligatory upon every) accountable (Muslim to perserve one’s faith in Islam Administrator 657
135 Elucidating the rules of repentance Administrator 675
136 Among the sins of the body (and they are those which do not pertain to a specific body part),are: Administrator 767
137 Among the sins of the foot are: Administrator 973
138 Among the sins of the private parts are: Administrator 672
139 Among the sins of the hands are: Administrator 728
140 Among the sins of the ear are: Administrator 703
141 Among the sins of the tongue are: Administrator 780
142 Among the sins of the eye are: Administrator 707
143 Among the sins of the abdomen are: Administrator 678
144 Among the sins of the heart are: Administrator 848
145 There are three (3) types of people who are not accountable for their deeds in the Hereafter Administrator 870
146 (It is obligatory upon all the accountable persons)to embrace the religion of Islam Administrator 626
147 Marriage and Dealing Contracts Administrator 799
148 Who Must Perform Pilgrimage (Hajj) Administrator 656
149 Items Subject to Zakah Administrator 664
150 “No saying is uttered except that it would be recorded by Raqib and ^Atid,” Administrator 653
151 Whoever knows Allah and His Messenger and uttered the shahadah even once in his life, and he accepted that with conviction, is a believing Muslim Administrator 708
152 Ijtihad and Imitation Administrator 836
153 Confirmation that Tawassul by the Prophets and the Waliyys is Permissible, and not Shirk as Said by the Wahhabiyys Administrator 825
154 The Innovation [Bid^ah] Administrator 789
155 The Mercy of Allah is Inclusive of the Believers and the Blasphemers in the Present Life and Specific to the Believers in the Afterlife Administrator 690
156 The Soul Administrator 714
157 The Intercession Administrator 576
158 The Description of Hell Administrator 616
159 The Description of Paradise Administrator 608
160 The Basin Administrator 605
161 The Bridge Administrator 590
162 Reward and Punishment Administrator 630
163 The Questioning of Allah and the scale Administrator 650
164 The Resurrection and The Gathering on the day of Judgement Administrator 613
165 Belief in the Torture of the Grave and its Enjoyment and Questioning Administrator 807
166 The Miracle’s Substantiation of the Truthfulness of the Prophet and its Definitiveness and Certainty Administrator 653
167 The Miracle Administrator 611
168 What is Necessary for the Prophets and what is Impossible for Them Administrator 664
169 Prophethood and The Difference between the Prophets and the Messengers Administrator 1017
170 Had ignorance excused one from punishment, then ignorance would have been better than knowledge Administrator 669
171 Normal Reasons Do Not Affect in Reality and that the Only One Who Affects in Reality is Allah Administrator 707
172 Four Categories Pertaining to Will and Order Administrator 621
173 لا يرد القدر إلا الدعاء “Nothing deflects the Qadar except du^a’, Administrator 906
174 The Destining of Allah Does Not Change Administrator 711
175 The slave’s will follows the Will of Allah. Allah the Exalted Said: ﴿وَمَا تَشَاءُونَ إِلَّا أَن يَشَاءَ اللَّـهُ﴾ Administrator 695
176 Guidance Is of Two Facets Administrator 887
177 The Messenger of Allah said, القَدَرِيَّةُ مَجُوسُ هَذِهِ الأُمَّةِ Administrator 817
178 فمنْ وجَدَ خَيْرًا فليحمَدِ الله ومنْ وجدَ غيرَ ذلك فلا يلومَنَّ إلا نفسَه “Whoever found goodness, then let him praise Allah, and whoever found other than that, let him blame noone but himself, Administrator 878
179 ﴿اللهُ نُورُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالأَرْضِ﴾The Explanation of the Verse Administrator 710
180 Explanation of the Saying of Allah ﴿فَثَمَّ وَجْهُ اللهِ﴾ Administrator 639
181 The Interpretation of the Ma^iyyah معية)[1]) of Allah that is Mentioned in the Qur’an Administrator 692
182 Interpretation of the Verse(الرَّحمَنُ عَلَى العَرشِ استَوَى) Administrator 770
183 Interpretation of His Saying (مِن رُّوحِنَا)and His Saying (مِن رُّوحِى) Administrator 653
184 The Ta'wil of Quran Administrator 830
185 The Ambiguous-mutashabih Verses Administrator 636
186 The Decisive- muhkam Verses Administrator 710
187 The Decisive- muhkam and Ambiguous- mutashabih Verses Administrator 682
188 Jibril is the one meant by “Then he drew close and dangled, and he was as close as two cubits or close Administrator 646
189 then Allah created the Heavens and the Earth Administrator 655
190 O you who believed, protect yourselves and your families from a fir Administrator 641
191 This is what Good Manners mean Administrator 801
192 Terrorizing a Muslim and other Sins of the Body Administrator 675
193 The lost and found article (luqatah) Administrator 707
194 Ash-Sharikah (The Partnership) Administrator 1139
195 Al-^Ariyyah: (About the Borrowed Articles) Administrator 717
196 The Merit of Siwak and traits one is born with the inclination to do Administrator 796
197 The Prophet praised the arabic language Administrator 1961
198 A Lesson about the Sublime Night (Laylatul Qadr) Administrator 898
199 Sayyid Qutb had no example to follow except al Khawarij Administrator 757
200 The reason for the existence of the four Madhhabs Administrator 780
201 المهد للقريب العهد THE CRADLE for the new Muslim shaykh-Ra'id 1396
202 Ramadan Karim Administrator 1703
203 The obligations of the heart. Administrator 4681
204 Fasting_relies_On_Sighting_the_Crescent_of_Ramadan_or_Completing_Thirty_Days_of_Sha_ban.pdf Translated Riad Nachef 1090
205 handbook for hajj.pdf Administrator 2010
206 Basics of Prayer.pdf Administrator 1276
207 Beware of Lying in the name of “April Fool Joke” Administrator 1247
208 Prophets and Messengers Administrator 1263
209 بيان أقسام الكفر والثبات على الإيمان Administrator 1490
210 The Summary of ^Abdullah al-Harariyy Ensuring the Personal Obligatory Knowledge of the Religion Administrator 3628
211 THE OBLIGATION OF FASTING RAMADAN Translated by Riad Nachef 4494
212 Shaykh ^Abdullah Al-Harariyy's Commands (وصية) Administrator 1426
213 The Journey of Life Before and After Riad Nachef 2544
214 The Origin of Mankind Administrator 1370
215 THE MERITS OF THE MONTH OF SHA^BAN Administrator 1177
216 The Blessings of "Laylatul Qadr"… The Night Of Sublime Greatness Administrator 1335
217 What if the American and English Observatories differ about the Crescent of Ramadan? Translated by Riad Nachef 1209
218 The Substantiation of the People of Belief that The Reliance for Fasting Is On Sighting the Crescent of Ramadan or Completing Thirty Days of Sha^ban Riad Nachef and Sheikh Samir Kadi 1315