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1 Al-Awza^iyy used to live in the outskirts of Beirut; he was among the highest ranking scholars Administrator 1112
2 Also, among their attributes is that they are attributed with truthfulness, no one among them commits a lie, for truthfulness is among the attributes which the prophets must be attributed with Administrator 1051
3 the word “'Iman (Belief)” is to believe, and Religiously it means a specific belief which is to believe in all what the Prophet sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam came with. Administrator 890
4 The one who believes in Allah believes that Allah is the Creator of everything and the True Owner of everything, and that He deserves to be worshipped, and that He deserves to be obeyed. Administrator 799
5 Moreover, our Master Musa, peace be upon him, is named the “Kalim of Allah”, Administrator 937
6 Among the clearest proofs that the Speech of Allah is not a letter or a sound is the saying of Allah ta^ala in Verse 62 of Surat al-An^am Administrator 828
7 Transliteration of the Creed of Ibn ^Asakir Administrator 4431
8 The Explanation of Hadith Jibril About Belief ('Iman) شرح حديث جبريل عن الإيمان Translated by Riad Nachef 3189
9 The Explanation of Hadith Jibril About Belief ('Iman) - حديث جبريل Administrator 4810