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History of Mawlid PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 04 June 2018 23:47

History of Mawlid

The king of Irbil, Abu Sa`eed alMuzaffar bin Baktakeen Kawkabriyy, initiated the Mawlid in the 7th hijriy century and was the first person to do so. He was a pious, brave, just, generous and knowledgeable ruler and defender of Islam, who died while fighting the Crusaders in Palestine. He invited many Muslims including the scholars of Hadeeth, Tafseer, Fiqh and sincere Sufis and celebrated the Mawlid.  The scholar of Fiqh, Abul Khattab Ibn Duhyah, wrote a book praising this doing and gave it to the king especially to be read during the Mawlid celebration. The doing of the Mawlid became known to the scholars in the east and west, who accepted it and pointed to the Islamic proofs which confirmed its validity. Among those scholars the imam of Hadeeth hafiz Ahmad bin Hajar al`Asqalaniyy, imam hafiz asSakhawiyy and imam hafiz asSuyutiyy. Those scholars and others wrote several books praising the Mawlid and none of the Muslim scholars dispraised this celebration.