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Sins of the Private Parts PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 01 June 2018 02:39

Sins of the Private Parts

Among the sins of the private parts are:

1. To commit adultery or fornication, i.e., to insert the glans penis into the vagina;

2. To commit sodomy, i.e., to insert the glans penis into the anus; The penalty for the free sodomite is the same as the adulterer and fornicator. However, the penalty for the sodomitee is one-hundred lashes and one lunar year in exile; the slave receives half of this penalty.

3. For one to commit bestiality, i.e., to have sexual intercourse with animals, even if one owns them;

4. To masturbate by the hand of other than one's wife or female slave;

5. To copulate with the woman having menstrual or postpartum bleeding, or to copulate with the woman whose menstruation or postpartum bleeding had terminated but she did not perform her purificatory bathing (Ghusl) yet, or it was performed without the proper intention, or without any of its conditions being satisfied;

6. To disclose one's unlawful nakedness (^awrah) in front of those who are prohibited from looking at it, or to disclose one's unlawful nakedness (^awrah) while alone for no reason;

7. To face the Qiblah or turn one's back to it while urinating or defecating without placing a barrier in front of one which is two-thirds of a cubit or more high and not more than three cubits away, or if the barrier was less than two-thirds of a cubit high, except if the place of urination and defecation was prepared for that purpose, such as the toilet seat; In this prepared place, it is allowed to face or turn one's back to the Qiblah.

8. To urinate or defecate on a grave;

9. To urinate in a mosque--even if it was done in a container--and to urinate on the exalted; 10. To neglect circumcision until after becoming pubescent. This is allowed according to Imam Malik, however.