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Sins of the Foot PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 01 June 2018 02:38

Sins of the Foot

Among the sins of the foot are:

1. To walk towards committing a sin, such as walking to the ruler to inflict harm on a Muslim or the like or to walk to kill a Muslim unrightfully;

2. The unexcusable escaping of the slave, the wife, or he who owes a right to others from what is incumbent upon him--be it punishment, debt, obligatory spending, kindness to the parents, or raising the children;

3. To walk arrogantly with a strutting gait;

4. To step over the shoulders of people except for the purpose of filling a gap;

5. To pass in front of the person performing prayer if the conditions of the barrier placed in front of one's prayer place (sutrah) were fulfilled;

6. To extend the leg towards the Book of the Qur'an if it is not raised;

7. Every walking towards committing an unlawful matter;

8. Every abandonment of an obligation.