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Jesus is a Muslim PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 01 June 2018 00:47

Jesus is a Muslim

Prophet Jesus or Messiah used to speak Syriac and the original book he received, Injil or the original Bible, was also in Syriac.  The original Bible is lost and the current bibles came from a Latin copy whose author is unknown and was written hundreds of years after Jesus was lifted to the sky.  None of the authors of the four famous bibles: John, Luck, Mathew and Mark met Prophet Jesus.

Prophet Jesus called for Islam.  Some people believed in him and some did not. The Muslims who believed in him were referred to as Christians.  But these particular Christians should have been called Muslim followers of Jesus.

Those followers believed that no one is Creator except God and Jesus is the Prophet of God.  Jesus ordered his followers, among many things, to make ablution, pray, fast, and believe in Prophet Muhammad whom he explicitly mentioned by name as the next coming Prophet.  Among the teachings of Jesus is also to make pilgrimage.  When Jesus descends he will follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and will make pilgrimage to Makkah in Arabia .