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Also, among the attributes of the prophets is that they are attributed with truthfulness PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 May 2018 22:24

وكذلِكَ من صفاتهم أنهم كلهم موصفون بالصِدقِ لَيسَ فيهِم من يَكذِبُ لأنَ الصدق مِنَ الصِفَاتِ الواجِبَةِ للأنبياءِ. فالنبيُّ لا يأتي الكذبة التي فيها ضررٌ بِمُسلِمٍ والتي ليس فيها ضررٌ بمسلم، الكَذِبَةُ التي هي من الصغائر والكذبة التي هي من الكبائر النَبيُّ لا يأتيها لا قَبلَ النُبُوَةِ وَلا بَعْدَهَا، النَبيُّ لا يكذب مُطْلَقًا لأَنَّ الكَاذِبَ كَيفَ يُصَدِقَهُ النَّاس فيما يُبَلِغٌ إِلَيهِم، النَّاس لا يُصَدِقُونَ ذَلِكَ.

Also, among the attributes of the prophets is that they are attributed with truthfulness, no one among them commits a lie, for truthfulness is among the attributes which the prophets must be attributed with. The prophet does not commit a lie whether it causes harm to a Muslim or does not cause harm to a Muslim. The prophet does not commit a lie be it among the small sins or among the enormous sins, neither before nor after prophethood. The prophet never lies, because how else would people believe a liar in what he is conveying to them; people would not believe that.

لو جازَ الكذب على النبي لارتفعت الثقة بما يَقُوله عند النَّاس كانوا يقولون: وَمَا يُدرينا أَنَّ هَذِهِ كذبةٌ مِثلُ تِلك، لذلك ربُنا عَزَّ وَجَلَّ اصطفى أنبياؤه وعصمهم عن الكذب قبل النبوة وبعدها. وأمَّا قولُ إِبراهيم عليه السلام عن زوجته سارة "إنها أختي" وهي ليست أخته في النَّسب فكان لأنها أختُه في الدِّينِ بَغَرَضِ صيانتها من أَذى الجبار فهو ليس كذبًا من حيث الباطن والحقيقة إنما هو صِدْقٌ.

Had it been permissible that the prophet would commit a lie, then people would have never believed what he says to them; they would say: How would we know if this is a lie like the other one or not? That is why Allah the Exalted had made His prophets impeccable before and after prophethood. As for Ibrahim’s saying about Sarah: “She is my sister.” while she is not his sister from the same father and mother; he said that because she was his sister in Islam and phrased this meaning as such to protect her from the harm of the despiteful king aj-Jabbar; so this is not a lie in reality and essence, rather his saying is truthful.