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The Journey of a Happy Sou PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 May 2018 22:53

The Journey of a Happy Soul

After the angel of death gives the pious person the good news of his successful ending, he takes his soul and hands it to the angels of mercy, who place it in a cloth and ascend with it to the skies.  A very pleasant smell emanates from the soul.  As the angels ascend, they encounter other groups of angels between the earth and the sky, who smell the fragrance and ask, "Who is this good soul?”  The angels of mercy answer, "So and so, the son of so and so”, saying his name with respect.

As they ascend, the gate of each heaven would be opened for them, and they would be greeted by the head of the angels of each heaven, who accompany them until they reach the next heaven.  When the soul reaches the seventh heaven, its name would be written in the book of winners. Then, the angels are ordered to return the soul to the earth, and a door from his grave to Paradise will be opened. Before the body is buried, the soul hovers above it, saying, "Make haste!  Make Haste!", longing for the enjoyments awaiting it in the grave.

Once the body is buried, the soul joins it in the grave, and stays there until the body decays ( if it is among those that decay). Then the soul ascends to Paradise and resides there in a shape of a bird, eating from its fruits and enjoying its gentle breeze. The soul stays there, in enjoyment, until the day of Judgment, when it returns to earth and joins the resurrected body. After that, the body and soul enter Paradise, assuming their dedicated place in the everlasting abode of happiness.