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`Uzayr’s Revival PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 May 2018 22:51

`Uzayr’s Revival

After 100 years of `Uzayr’s death Allah revived him by his Great Power. Allah made him die in the morning and brought him back to life before sunset after this long period had passed.

The first thing Allah revived of him was his heart to comprehend with it and then his eyes to see how bodies are resurrected so that his certitude becomes strengthened. `Uzayr saw how the rest of his body was being assembled.

Then one of the honorable angels came to him and asked him:

- How long have you been here?

- `Uzayr answered him based on his guesstimate: I have been here a day. He then saw that the sun did not all set yet so he said: or a part of a day.

- The honorable angel explained and said to him: Rather you have been here for one hundred years; look at your food.

He looked at the grapes and fig’s basket and the fruits were as he picked them fresh and shining; he looked at the drink in the container and it was not rotten.

- The angel addressed him and said: Look also at your donkey.

He looked at it where he tied it to the tree and found it dead, his bones became white, full with holes, his limbs were separated and disintegrated.

He heard the voice of an angel from the sky saying:

O you the consumed bones assemble by Allah’s Will.

Then the bone’s pieces joined one another. Each organ bonded with the organ that fits it, the rib to the rib, the shoulder to its place and then the head came to its place. The nerves and veins were assembled then Allah brought out the soft flesh on the skeleton and covered it with skin which expanded over the flesh and the hair came out of the skin. At this point an angel came and blew the soul by Allah’s Will in the donkey’s nostrils and it stood up braying. `Uzayr went down to earth in sujood to Allah after he saw one of the spectacular and magnificent exhibited signs of Allah which is the recreation of the dead.

He said: I know Allah has the Power to do anything possible.