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`Uzayr with his family PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 May 2018 22:45

`Uzayr with his family

It was narrated that when `Uzayr left Jerusalem before 100 years his age was 40, his hair was black, with a strong build and left his wife pregnant. When `Uzayr died his son was born and when he came back to life his son was 100 years old.

`Uzayr rode his donkey and went to his neighborhood where he used to live. None of his family recognized him, since people had died and others were born. He went to his home and found an old blind, unable-to-walk woman who used to be their servant when she was 20 years old.

- He asked her: Is this `Uzayr’s house?

- She said: yes. She cried with heavy tears and continued saying: `Uzayr was gone since tens of years and people forgot him and I haven’t seen anyone from a long time mentioning `Uzayr until now.

- He said: I am `Uzayr, Allah kept me dead for 100 years and revived me.

The old woman became perturbed.

- She said: `Uzayr was a pious man and his du`aa’ was acceptable and whenever he makes du`aa’ to a sick person or one with a calamity the person is cured by Allah’s Will. Ask Allah to cure my body and bring back my sight.

He made du`aa’ for her. All of a sudden she had a sharp sight, bright face and stood up on her feet as if she had no harm before.

- She said: I profess that you are `Uzayr.

She took him to Baniy Israel and among them were his children and grandchildren. Their hair and beards were whiter than snow. Some of them reached 80 years old and some were close to 50 years old. Among the people were some of his friends whose bodies became tired by time, became bent forward and melted thin their skins.

- She shouted: `Uzayr the one you had missed since 100 years Allah brought him back as a strong man who walks like the full youths.

`Uzayr showed himself with a charming look, sound shape, strong muscles, and black hair, but they could not recognize him. However, they wanted to test him.

- His son came and said: my mother used to tell me that my father had a black mole like the crescent between his shoulders, show us that.

`Uzayr uncovered his back and the mole became apparent.


They wanted to have more assurance and an old man among them said:

Our grandparents told us that when Bakhtanassar raided Jerusalem he burnt the Torah and only a small number among those who used to memorize it were saved and `Uzayr was one of them. If you were he, recite to us what you memorized.

`Uzayr stood up and Baniy Israel followed him to the place at which he had buried the Torah when Bakhtanassar attacked. He brought the Torah out wrapped by a piece of cloth and some of its papers were torn. He sat under a tree’s shade and Baniy Israel sat around him. They hold the Torah following what he was reciting. He recited all the Torah and did not leave a verse of it, did not misread any part of it and did not skip a letter.

At this point they shook his hand believing in him and approached him seeking his blessings.

However, out of their ignorance they did not increase in belief but rather they blasphemed and said: `Uzayr is the Allah’s son. May Allah protect us from that.