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Suspicious Meat PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 23 May 2018 10:03

The chapter of Tadhkiyah, Slaughter and Hunting in the books of Islamic jurisprudence Fiqh did expound on the four integrals of Tadhkiyah matters in detail.

Suspicious Meat

The slaughter has to fulfill the four aforementioned integrals without any doubt. When this is true, the Muslim may eat the meat. Let one know that the Islamic scholars unanimously agreed on the unlawfulness of eating the suspicious meat. The suspicion could be due to the lack of validity of any of the previous four integrals. In this case, Islamic Laws make it strictly forbidden to eat this meat. Consequently, when you doubt whether the slaughter has fulfilled these conditions, you cannot eat the meat. Further, it is unlawful to do so (haram), i.e., it is sinful to do so.

AlBukhariyy, Muslim and others related a reliable hadith that Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu `alayhi was sallam, told `Adiyy bin Hatim that if he sent his trained hunting dog after a game (?), he would better say Bismillah. If he found the game still alive, he should slaughter it and eat it. If the dog did not eat any of it, he can also slaughter it and eat it. Nevertheless, if he found another dog with his dog and the game was dead, he should not eat it, because he does not know which dog killed it.

Moreover, the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi was sallam, instructed the companion `Adiyy that if he threw his arrow, he would better say Bismillah. If the arrow hit a game and the game fell in water, `Adiyy has no permission to eat it, because he does not know whether the arrow killed it or the water. The Prophet said, You do not know what killed it, your arrow or water. The Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi was sallam, addressed doubting about tathkiyah. His order to `Adiyy was explicit: avoid eating the animal when there is doubt.  The scholars of fiqh understood the implications of the order in this hadith.

This hadith is the foundation for the consensual agreement of the trustworthy and knowledgeable Islamic scholars (mujtahid) on this subject, may Allah reward them.

30/09/2017, 03:48 - Sadiqah: Other than meat

It is permissible to eat kinds of foods other than meat like fish, dairy products, bread, sweets, etc., even with suspicion, because the basis of this food is halal. Moreover, definitely, there is no need to read the label or to investigate. It is opposite to the case of meat. However, if someone is positive about a food product that it contains some forbidden ingredients, then surely the person must abstain from eating it.

From the book of Al`Utbiyyah: I heard imam Malik saying, I dislike the cheese of Majus because of the fluid of the stomach of the maytah it contains, but I see nothing wrong in [their] butter and oil. AlBayan or Al`Utbiyyah said, Malik answered a question about the cheese of the Romans and said, I do not like to judge something halal as haram. However, if someone dislikes it for oneself, I do not see anything wrong in doing so. Nevertheless, for me to judge it as haram meant for the people, I do not know its reality in that they put in it the fluid of the stomach of the pig, and they are Christians. I do not like to deem something halal as haram, but for a person to stay away from it for oneself I do not identify anything wrong in that.

Imam Ahmad narrated that `Umar (radiya Allahu `anhu) used to accept the cheese which the Majus had prepared with the fluid of the stomach of their slaughtered animals.