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Among the proofs that Allāh exists without a place is that Allāh gave Muhammad peace be upon him the ability to hear His Speech PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 29 May 2017 10:53

From the inheritance of mercy from the knowledge of our shaykh the Jurist, Hāfidh, Scholar of Fundamentals ^Abdullāh Al-Harariyy, he, may Allāh have mercy upon him said: Among the proofs that Allāh exists without a place is that Allāh gave Muhammad peace be upon him the ability to hear His Speech (without a letter or sound) on the night of the ascension while our master Muhammad was in that elevated place and Allāh gave Moses peace be upon him the ability to hear His Speech (without a letter or sound) while our master Moses was on Mount Sinai on Earth.  Therefore, had Allāh been in the direction of above then Moses would have requested to rise to the direction of above in order to hear the Speech of Allāh.

The Salaf and the Khalaf are upon this creed and not the wahhābiyys and those like them among those who preceeded them who were before the time of Muhammad the son of ^Abdul Wahhāb, they believe that Allāh resides in a place and that Allāh is attributed with movement.  The Salaf used to clear Allāh from being attributed with movement and stillness.  What comes is the traces of Allāh’s Power on Judgment Day.  Had it been permissible for Allāh to be attributed with coming in the meaning of movement from high to low, then Ahmad would not have made Ta’weel to the verse, instead, he would have left it according to the literal meaning, however, it is not permissible to interpret the verse according to the literal meaning and that is why he opted to interpret the verse to mean the traces of Allāh’s Power come.

There is someone existing now who is named hasan qāturjiyy who claims that the Salaf did not interpret the non-explicit verses and he said this because he studied with the wahhābies who say that Allāh is attributed with movement and He descends to the lowest heaven and remains until the last third of the night is over and then He returns to the direction of above.

rajab dīb (a vile blasphemer) said in one of his sessions:  The poor person is a blasphemer twice because he does not perform the Hajj and he does not pay the Zakāh and he says that Allāh would stick His head out from the sky and say O my slaves go to the Mosque and in this saying of his he has agreed with the Wahhābies.

Beware of the Wahhābies and the so called Muslim Brotherhood and the so called Tahreer party and those who follow rajab deeb and Muhammad Abū Al-Qat^ and hasan qāturjiyy and ghinā hammoud and all of those blasphemers. Some of them are worse blasphemers than others.

Among the followers of rajab deeb is Abū Al-Qat^ and among his female followers is ghinā hammoud she said in one of her sessions “Indeed, the female when she exerts great effort in acts of worships a veil would be lifted and she would see Allāh in the image of beardless lad (this talk of hers is blasphemy.  Someone called her on the phone and said to her “When I see you it is as if i saw Allāh (this is explicit blasphemy) and so she said to him “thank you thank you, you have made me feel shy (this is also explicit blasphemy) instead of her telling him that he committed blasphemy and to say the shahādah.

The Imām At-tahāwiyy The Egyptian from the Salaf who died in the year 321 after the Hijrah coveys the unanimous agreement of Ahlus-sunnah Wal Jamā^ah:  Whatever you imagine in your mind Allāh is different than that.

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