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Shaykh ^Abdul Ghaniyy An-nabulsiyy (1143H) said: Religiously, The Categories Of Blasphemy Are Three Categories That All Blasphemy Refers Back To PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 27 February 2017 10:16

The Guidance of Muhammad Peace be upon him

Shaykh ^Abdul Ghaniyy An-nabulsiyy (1143H) said:  Religiously, The Categories Of Blasphemy  Are Three Categories That All Blasphemy Refers Back To

Shaykh ^Abdul Ghaniyy An-naboulsiyy (1143H) said: “As for the categories of blasphemy then they are, according to the religion, three categories that all types of blasphemy refer back to, and those three categories are: Resembling God to the creations, atheism, and belying the religion.

As for resembling God to the creations, then that is the belief that Allāh resembles something among His creations.  Like those who believe that Allāh is a body residing above the throne, or like those who believe that He has two physical hands, or that He has a certain image, or that He is a light imagined in the mind, or that He is in the sky, or that He is in one of the six directions, or that he is in a certain place, or in all the places. or that He fills the heavens and the earth, or that He dwells in anything, or all things, or that He is one with something, or with everything, or that things dissolve from Him, or that something is a part of Him.  All of that is explicit blasphemy, we seek refuge with Allāh from that.”

It is obligatory to repent from that blasphemy by believing the correct creed which is that Allāh does not resemble anything and that nothing resembles Him and by uttering “No one deserves to be worshipped Except Allāh and Muhammad is the messenger of Allāh.

May Allāh grant success to anyone who propagates it and to make us die as perfect muslims.  Āmīn.