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Standing To Be Judged PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 February 2017 08:29

Standing To Be Judged

It has become widespread among many people to refer to the calling to account on Judgment Day as “الوقوف بين يدي الله” What this means in reality is that the slave on Judgment Day will be shown his deeds and called to account.  It does not mean that Allāh will be in a place and the people will be gathered around Him, we seek refuge with Allāh from such blasphemy, because Allāh is not a body that resides in a place and He does not reside in all places.  Allāh exists without a how and without a place just as Imām Abū Hānīfah may Allāh raise his rank said in his booklets about the creed.  Allāh does not reside in a place nor a direction among the six directions just as the salaf has said and it is by unanimous scholarly agreement that Imām At-tahāwiyy may God have mercy upon him documented and he died in the year (321 H).  God is not spread throughout space nor is He residing in the heaven and He is not inside of a building nor is He floating in the space above the throne nor is He sitting upon the throne because sitting and establishing are among the attributes of the creation and Allāh is clear above being attributed with any of that because of the verse

ليس كمثله شيء

As for that image that those who resemble God to the creation imagine that Allāh will be on that day in a place and the people will be surrounding Him gathered so that they can be judged.  This image is impossible to be attributed to Allāh because this is the image of the kings, their subjects gather around them in this dunyaa.  Resembling Allāh to an image or a form is explicit blasphemy because Allāh is clear from being attributed with resembling the creations.  Whoever believes God is like the creation or believes that God resides in a place or sits then such a person is a blasphemer and they are obligated to return to the correct belief by uttering with his tongue No one deserves to be worshipped except Allāh and Muhammad is the messenger of Allāh.