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Some clarification of At-Tawassul PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 18:51

Some clarification of At-Tawassul.

For example, if a person ‎has a headache he can make Du^aa’ by saying: "O, God ‎cure my headache", or he can say: ”O, God cure my ‎headache by the Prophet peace be upon him".‎

In both cases the person is asking God, but in one he made ‎tawassul and in the other he did not. There is no problem in ‎both.‎

It is permissible for the person to make du^aa’ when he is sick and it is permissible for him to not make du^aa’ ‎and be patient with his sickness.

And no Muslim believes anyone creates anything, except ‎God.

The meaning of creating is bringing from non-‎existence into existence. And no one creates with this meaning, except God. God does not resemble anyone or ‎anything.‎

If a person has a headache he can make du^aa’ and take medication for the headache, or he can ‎just make du^aa’.‎

If he takes medication, he is using a means to cure him.

And if he does not take medication and he makes du^aa’, he ‎is asking God to cure him. So there is no problem in ‎both.‎

And just as it is permissible to make tawassul during the life ‎of the Prophet peace be upon him in this world, it is ‎permissible to make tawassul after his death (as the ‎Prophets are alive in their graves praying as the Prophet ‎said). This is the consensus of Ahlus-s-Sunnah Wal ‎Jama^ah.‎

So if the person asks God by the Prophet, he is using a ‎means; but this person knows and believes firmly that God ‎is the Creator of the cure, and this person knows and ‎believes firmly that God is the Creator of everything, and ‎that God is the Creator of good and evil. This is the belief of ‎all Muslims.‎

God ordered the good and forbade the evil. But God is the ‎Creator of everything, and the person just acquires the deed ‎that he (the person) intended to do, and he did it.

For sure ‎God is the Creator of that deed, whether good or evil.

So ‎the choice a person makes in this life will have consequences ‎for the person on the Day of Judgment.‎