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Obligations of the Wife PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 12 July 2015 10:37

Obligations of the Wife

(The wife is obligated to obey her husband)
i.e., (in allowing him to enjoy her body) in that which pertains to sexual relations, among intercourse and other enjoyments. Furthermore, if the husband asked his wife to get decorated for him, by dressing up and wearing makeup for example, she is obligated to do so; (except) however, the wife is not obligated to obey her husband (in what is unlawful.) Hence, the wife does not obey her husband by having sexual intercourse with him during her menses or during her postpartum-bleeding period for example. (Also she must not) i.e. she is obligated not to (fast the optional fasting) while he is in town except with his permission; (or) and, she is obligated not to (leave her husbands house without his permission) except for a necessity.