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Conditions of the Two Speeches PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 July 2015 05:34

Conditions of the Two Speeches

(The conditions of the two speeches) in addition to what was mentioned, (are:)

(1.) One of the conditions is (Purification from both states of ritual impurity) both major and minor states of ritual impurity, (and from) un-exempted (najas-filth on the body, clothes, place, and what is carried by the speaker;) among clothes and other things.


(2.) Secondly, (To cover the unlawful nakedness (^awrah)) the unlawful nakedness (^awrah) is for the man what is between the navel and the knees, as stated previously.


(3.) Thirdly, (To stand up;) for the two speeches for the one who is able.


(4.) Fourthly, (To sit between the two speeches;) the least of which is the duration of saying “subhana Allah” (tuma’ninah).


(5.) Fifthly, (To observe the succession without lengthy interruption between the integrals of the two speeches,) so that according to the norm there is no lengthy separation/interruption between the two speeches by doing what does not pertain to the speech, (and)


(6.) Sixthly, That there is not lengthy interruption (Between the two speeches and the prayer;) according to the norm.


(7.) Seventhly (To say the integrals of the two speeches in Arabic;)