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Integrals of the Two Speeches (Khutbahs) PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 July 2015 05:33

Integrals of the Two Speeches (Khutbahs)

(The speaker must observe the following) five (integrals of the two speeches:)

(1.) The first integral is (To say al-hamdu lillah in both speeches;) by saying Alhamdulillah, or lillahil-hamd, or the like.


(2.) The second integral is (To perform the Salah ^alan-Nabiyy, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, in both speeches;) by saying, “sallallahu ala Muhammad”, or “Allahuma Sali ^ala Muhammad”, or the like.


(3.) The third integral is (To command the audience to be God-fearing (to have taqwa) in both speeches;) which is done by ordering with obedience and forbidding disobedience, or commanding with one of the two. Each of these three mentioned integrals: saying Alhamdulillah, saying the salat ^alan-Nabiyy, and ordering with God-fearingness, must be done within both of the two speeches.


(4.) The fourth integral is (To recite an ayah which has a complete meaning in either of the two speeches;) Hence, it is not enough to say for example: ﴾﴿, because although this is a complete verse, it does not entail a complete meaning on its own.


(5.) The fifth integral is (To say a supplication (du^a’) for the believers in the second speech.) Like for speaker to say: “Allahuma ighfir lil mu’mineen”, which means [Oh Allah forgive the believers]