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The Congregational Prayer (Jama^ah)) in the five obligatory prayers (is a communal obligation (fard kifayah PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 July 2015 05:30

(The Congregational Prayer (Jama^ah)) in the five obligatory prayers (is a communal obligation (fard kifayah) upon the free, residing, pubescent, sane and unexcused males.) Hence, it is not an obligation on women, slaves, travelers, those who are not pubescent, and others among the individuals who have an excuse which makes the congregational prayer no longer an obligation on them, like the rain which soaks the clothes and fear from an enemy upon going to the place where the congregational prayer is held. The obligation is satisfied by holding it such that this act of worship is apparently practiced.

(In the Friday Prayer (Jumu^ah), to pray in congregation (jama^ah) is a personal obligation (fard^ayn) upon them) i.e. the free, residing,  pubescent, sane, and unexcused, males (if they are forty (40) in number) even if that was including the Imam, (accountable inhabitants and living in buildings,) whether they were made from wood, stone, or mud. It is (not) an obligation on those living (in tents, because it) i.e. the Friday prayer (is not an obligation on the people of tents.)

(The Friday Prayer  is also) personally (obligatory upon the) traveling (men who intend to stay in the town of Jumu^ah for four whole) complete (days, excluding the day of entry and the day of exit,) i.e. or more than that because travel is discontinued by such a period, (and) it is also personally obligatory (upon those who reside out of the town,) i.e. any person even if he resided in a tent, (but can hear the resounding call) i.e. the Call to Prayer (adhan), (of a strong-voiced person who is standing at its edge) i.e. at the edge of the town in which the Friday prayer is held and not in the middle, (closest to them.) All while considering/estimating that such a person is standing on flat ground, that there is calmness of the winds such that one knows that he is hearing the call to the Friday Prayer, even all the words were not clear to him, and that he is of moderate/normal hearing.