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Among the conditions of) the validity of (prayer is to be clear of najas-filth PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 July 2015 05:15

(Among the conditions of) the validity of (prayer is to be clear of najas-filth in one’s body,) even the interior of the nose and mouth, (clothes, place of prayer,) i.e. the place which touches his body from the ground, (and what one carries in prayer, such as a bottle) with najas-filth in it or a najas-filthy paper (carried in one’s pocket. If najas-filth contacts one) by contacting the praying person’s body or his clothes (or) contacts (what one carries,) like a cloth/shall/cloak worn on the shoulders, (one’s prayer is invalidated) whether the najas-filth was dry or wet, (unless the najas-filth is thrown away immediately,) like if dry najas-filth falls on one’s clothes, so he flings it off immediately, or wet or dry najas-filth falls on the cloth worn on one’s shoulders and he flings off the cloth immediately his prayer is not invalidated, (or it) i.e. the najas-filth (is an exempted najas-filth, such as the blood of one’s wound.) his prayer is not invalidated.

In regards to the discernible i.e. a najas-filth that has an entity (It is obligatory to remove the unexempted najas-filth) for the validity of prayer, (by removing its entity) i.e. its body, (and its properties i.e., the taste, color, and odor, with purifying water.) No liquid other than purifying water removes najas-filth, because water is the tool for purification/purifying.

As for the undiscernible najas-filth, i.e. (The najas-filth which does not have any discernible characteristics (najasah hukmiyyah) is the najas filth the color, taste, or odor) like dry urine which does not have any smell, taste, or color, (of which cannot be detected. The place contaminated with such a najas-filth is purified) such najas-filth is removed, (by pouring water on it.) i.e. it is enough to remove undiscernible najas-filth by simply pouring purifying water on it one time.

As for (The najas-filth of a dog [or a pig]) or that which is breed from them or one of them, it (is removed by washing the najas-filthy area seven times,) with the condition that (one of which) i.e. one of the washes, (is mixed with purifying soil.) in such a way that the water becomes turbid/opaque/muddy/murky/تتكدر because of the soil, and reaches via the water to the whole area being washed. Also (The washes which remove the physical presence of the najas-filth) i.e. the wash(es) that is(are) needed to remove the entity of the najas-filth and its properties from the taste, color, and smell, if they were one wash or more, they (are deemed one wash, even if they were numerous.) so washing the area six more times afterwards remains necessary.

(In the case of using little water for removing the najas-filth, i.e., less than two (2) qullah, it is required) it is a condition in removing the different kinds of najas-filth (to pour the water on the najas-filth.) not the other way around, like to place the najas-filth in little amount of water; because if najas-filth is placed  in a little amount of water it makes it najas-filthy by coming into contact with it.[However, putting a najas-filth in an amount of water which is two (2) qulllahs or more will not make the water najas-filthy unless it changes it.] Hence, the case of the little amount of water is not like that of the large amount (two qullahs or more), because contrary to the little amount water, it is not a condition not to put najas-filth in a large amount of water because it does not become najas-filthy by coming in contact with najas-filth except if it is changed by that.