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Ablution is invalidated by:) Four things PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 July 2015 05:05

Ablution is invalidated by:) Four things, one of them being:


(1. The emission of anything from the eliminatory outlets,) i.e. the penis or vagina and anus, whether it was common occurrence or uncommon, and whether it was an entity or passing wind; (except maniyy.) i.e. the maniyy of the person himself, because according to Imam ashShafi^iyy, may Allah raise his rank, it does not invalidate the ablution.

(2. Touching of the penis, vagina, or anus of a human) not the animal. In regards to the man, what invalidates is touching the penis, as for the woman, touching the mouth of the vagina where the labia minora meet after the urethral opening is what invalidates the ablution. Also, touching the anus of a human being at the opening of the outlet invalidates the ablution; not touching the buttocks. Furthermore, such an action is an invalidator of ablution only if done (with the inside part of the bare hand.) The inner part of the bare hand is defined as the non-apparent area when one palm is put on the other, while the fingers are spread, and slight pressure is applied. Touching the aforementioned areas with other than the inside part of the bare hand, like the back of the hand, does not invalidate the ablution. Also, if the touching was done with a barrier the ablution is not invalidated.

(3. Touching the skin of a marriageable woman) for the male, who has the state at which he is desired, to touch with his skin the skin of a marriageable woman (who attained to an age at which she is normally desired.) Hence, touching between the following individuals does not invalidate the ablution: a small boy, who is not normally desired, touches the skin of a small girl, or of an older girl; for a man to touch the skin of a young girl who is not normally desired, or the skin of a woman with a barrier, or to touch other than her skin like her hair; such a matter does not invalidate his ablution.


(4. Losing sanity or consciousness,) i.e. mental discrimination or comprehension by the likes of going insane, having an episode of epilepsy, getting drunk, or sleeping, (except if one is sleeping with one’s buttocks firmly seated.) whether he had his buttocks firmly seated on the floor, on the back of an animal, or other than that, his ablution is not invalidated.