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A large number of scholars “faqihs” enumerated many) examples of (blasphemous things PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 08 July 2015 01:52

(A large number of scholars “faqihs”) from the four schools, (like the Hanafiyy faqih, Badrur-Rashid[1]) who lived in the eighth Hijriyy century and authored a treatise in showing the blasphemous words, (and the Malikiyy Qadi ^Iyad[2],) who lived in the sixth Hijriyy century and authored Ash-Shifa, (may Allah ta^ala have mercy upon both of them, enumerated many) examples of (blasphemous things), i.e., blasphemous beliefs, acts, and sayings which appeared in their time.  They did so to warn the people from committing them.  These are matters (which one needs to know) and be aware of in order to avoid them (because whoever does not know evil is more likely to fall into it); and the greatest evil is to blaspheme.


[1] He is Muhammad the son of Isma^il the son of Mahmud the osn of Muhammad. He died in the year 768 ah. He was a Hanafiyy faqih-jurisprudent, meritorious. Refer to al A^lam (37/6) and Mu^jam alMu’allifin (62/9) and Kashf aThthunun (1396/2).

[2] He is Abu alFadel ^Iyad the son of Musa the son of ^Iyad the son of ^Amrun the son of Musa the son of ^Iyad alYahsubiyy, Sabtiyy by homeland and birth. He was born in Sabtah on Saturday from the Islamic month of Sha^ban, year 496; and he died in Marrakish in the Islamic month of Jumada al’Akhirah, and it was said in the month of Ramadan, in the year 554.” Refer to adDibaj alMudhhhab fi ma^rifat ‘a^yan ^ulama’ alMadhhab, authored by Ibn Farhun alMalikiyy (page 270).