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Among the sins of the foot are: PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 04 July 2015 09:20

Among the sins of the foot are:

1. (To walk towards committing a sin, such as walking to the ruler to inflict harm on a Muslim) unrightfully, because such a sin involves harming another Muslim; (or the like or to walk to kill a Muslim) i.e. with the purpose of killing him (unrightfully;) It is also unlawful to walk with the purpose of committing adultery or fornication [with a woman], to do any act among the prohibited introductions of fornication or the like.

2. (The inexcusable escaping of the slave,)
the owned person, whether male or female, from his master; or the escaping of (the wife,) from her husband, (or) the escaping of (the one who owes a right to others from what is incumbent upon one – be it punishment,) like for the one who deliberately killed a Muslim unrightfully to run away from the penalty of death. It is also among the sins of the foot for one to escape from paying a (debt, obligatory spending, [obligatory] kindness to the parents, or raising the children;)

3. (To walk arrogantly with a strutting gait;)
i.e. to walk a walk which speaks of arrogance and haughtiness.

4. (To step over the shoulders of people sitting down)
during the Friday congregation such that one raises his foot above their shoulders in a way that harms them, (except) if doing so was (for the purpose of filling a gap;) in the congregating lines i.e. for the purpose of filling an unoccupied space, then it is not unlawful.

5. (To pass in front of the person performing prayer when the conditions of the barrier- sutrah placed in front of the prayer place are fulfilled;) i.e. to pass between a person praying and the religiously acknowledged barrier-sutrah infront of him. The conditions of such a barrier entail it being no farther than three cubits away from the person praying and two-thirds of a cubit and above in height.

6. (To extend the leg towards the Book of the Qur'an)
that is within a close distance (if it is not in a raised location;) i.e. elevated above it, like to be on a table or the like.

7. (Every walking towards committing an unlawful matter;)
i.e. towards committing a sin, like walking to a place to drink alcohol there.

8. (Every walking towards abandoning an obligation.)
like the walking that causes one to miss performing the prayer in its allotted time.