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Among the sins of the private parts are: PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 04 July 2015 09:18

Among the sins of the private parts are:

1. (To commit adultery-zina or fornication-zina, i.e., to insert the glans penis) i.e. the entire tip of the penis (into the vagina [unlawfully;) of other than his wife or female slave.

2. (To commit sodomy, i.e., to insert the glans penis)
i.e. the entire tip of the penis (into the anus;) of a man or a woman other than one’s wife or female slave. On the other hand, if one did so with his wife or female slave, he is sinful but is not penalized with the following punishment.

(The punishment for adultery or fornication for the free,) accountable (muhsan,) the muhsan is he who has had sexual intercourse with his wife in accordance with a valid marriage contact, (whether) the muhsan was (male or female,), his punishment (is to be stoned with medium sized stones until death. The punishment for the non-muhsan), the non-muhsan is the one who has not had sexual intercourse in accordance with a valid marriage contract, (is one-hundred lashes and a) lunar (year in exile) to a distance for which if traveled to, it is permissible to shorten the prayer (distance-qasr); (for the free person.) whether male or female. (As for the slave, he receives half of that.) punishment. Hence, the slave’s penalty is fifty lashes and half a year of exile. The sodomizer’s penalty is like that of the adulterer or fornicator. On the other hand, the sodomized’s person’s penalty one-hundred lashes and one year in exile, whether he was a muhsan or not.


3. (To have sexual intercourse with animals, even if they)
i.e. the animals (are one’s own;)

4. (To masturbate)
i.e. to cause oneself to emit maniyy, by one’s own hand or (by the hand of other than one's wife or female slave;)

5. (To copulate with the a woman during her menses or her postpartum bleeding period
,) even if this was done with a barrier; (or to copulate with her after the menstruation or postpartum bleeding terminated) i.e. after the bleeding terminated, (but before she performed the purificatory bath (ghusl),) either from her menses or from her postpartum bleeding, (or) he copulated with her after (it) the purificatory bath (was performed without the proper) valid (intention,) from the woman, (or) the purificatory bath was not performed with a valid intention but (without one of its conditions;) being satisfied, like if a woman bathed while something was preventing the water from reaching the washed part.

6. (To uncover one's unlawful nakedness-^awrah) in front of those who are prohibited to look at it, or to uncover one's unlawful nakedness-^awrah) while alone without a reason;)
as for doing so for a need, like to cool down, it is permissible as was previously mentioned in discussion of the sins of the eye.

7. (To face the Qiblah or turn one's back to it while urinating or defecating without placing a barrier in front of one.)
between oneself and the Qiblah. Or a barrier existed but it was farther than three cubits from the praying person or less than two-thirds of a cubit in height, hence it was insufficient; in such a case, facing the Qiblah while urinating of defecating is unlawful. (The) sufficient (barrier should be two-thirds of a cubit or more high and not more than three cubits away. Except is if the place was prepared for thepurpose of urination and/or defecation, such as the toilet, then, it is allowed to face or turn one’s back to the Qiblah in such a prepared place;)

8. (To defecate on a grave;)
whether the grave was in an Islamic cemetery or was a single Muslim grave.

9. (To urinate in a mosque -even if it was done in a container- and to urinate on the exalted;)
i.e. that which is religiously glorified. Also, it is unlawful to urinate in a narrow place dedicate to perform an act of Hajj or ^Umrah.

10. (For the accountable person,)
who is uncircumcised (to neglect circumcision. ) if he could bear doing so. Circumcision, for the male, occurs by cutting the foreskin. As for the female, it occurs by cutting part of a piece of flesh which is raised like the comb of a turkey in the vagina. (However,this is allowed according to Imam Malik.) According to Imam Malik, it is permissible to remain uncircumcised, because Imam M alik did not say that circumcision is an obligation on the male or the female.