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Among the sins of the abdomen are: PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 04 July 2015 09:11

Among the sins of the abdomen are:

1. (To consume the money of usurious gain-riba);) Consuming in this context means to benefit from, whether such benefit is by way of food consumption or through other than that. Furthermore, the one who takes the money of usurious gain is sinful, as well as the one who pays it, the writer of its contract, and the witness to its contract. All these parties are sinful.

2. (To consume the money of taxes on trade-maks);)
i.e. that which is taken unrightfully by the unjust rulers from peoples’trades and the like.

3. (To consume the money of others taken from them by force-ghasb);)
i.e. to unrightfully take possession of other’s property by force.

4. (To consume the money of stealing-sariqah;)
stealing is taking another’s money in a stealthy, concealed manner.

5. (To consume everything)
any money (taken through a deal unlawful by the Islamic law (Shar^);) like some of the dealings clarified previously.

6. (To consume alcohol-khamr.)
alcohol is any intoxicating drink, i.e. that which alters the mind bringing with it a sense of exhilaration and ecstasy. (The punishment of the drinker who is free is forty lashes and the slave receives one-half of that.) i.e. twenty lashes. (The caliph may add to that) up to eighty lashes, (as a disciplinary- ta^zir action;) as Master Umar, may Allah raise his rank, did. A disciplinary action is that which is done for disciplinary measure by way of what is below the stated punishment for such an action.

7. (To consume whatever)
solid (is intoxicating,) i.e. to change the mind with exhilaration and ecstasy, as mentioned previously. Also, to eat any (najas-filthy,) matter like running blood, pig meat, and the meat of a unlawfully-killed animal-maytah; (and) to eat whatever is (revolting;)
even if it is pure like maniyy and snot.

8. (To consume the money of the orphan[unrightfully];)
An orphan is the child whose father died before he reached puberty.

9. (To consume the money-waqfs in a way contrary to the condition set by the one who established it;)
So if a person dedicated a house as a money- waqf for poor people it is not permissible for other than them to inhabit it.

10. (To consume what was given out of shyness and not out of one's good will.)
Like the one who asks another for money in front of a group of people so that such a person gives him the money out of shyness, not out of his goodwill.