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The Description of Paradise PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 02 July 2015 03:01

The Description of Paradise

Paradise is true. It is obligatory to believe in it and that it is presently created, just as is understood from the Qur’an and the authentic hadith. It is presently above the seventh sky and not connected to it. Its ceiling is the ^Arsh of Ar-Rahman.

Its people have the appearance of their father Adam, sixty cubits tall by seven cubits wide. They have a beautiful appearance; they have no facial hair and no body hair. They would be thirty-three years old.  They will remain in it forever, and they never exit from it. The hadith was authenticated that the people of Paradise have the image of their father Adam: sixty cubits in the sky, seven cubits wide.

The Messenger of Allah said about its description:

هِيَ ورَبِّ الكَعْبةِ نُورٌ يتَلأْلأُ ورَيْحَانَةٌ تَهتَزُّ، وقَصرٌ مَشِيدٌ ونَهرٌ مُطَّرِدٌ، وفَاكهةٌ كثيرةٌ نَضِيجَةٌ، وزَوجةٌ حَسناءُ جَميلةٌ، وحُلَلٌ كثيرةٌ في مُقَامٍ أبَديّ في حبْرَةٍ ونَضْرَةٍ

[which means] “I swear by the Lord of the Ka^bah, it is brilliant lights and fragrant musk, and firmly structured castles and continually flowing rivers, and lots of ripe fruit and beautiful, lovely wives, and lots of endowments in an everlasting abode that is a luxurious life.” Narrated by Ibn Hibban.