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The Questioning of Allah and the scale PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 02 July 2015 02:57

The Questioning of Allah

It is the presentation of the slave’s deeds to them by Allah Speaking to the slaves in their entirety.  They will understand from the Speech of Allah the Questioning about what they did with the endowments that Allah Gave them. So the pious believer will be pleased, and the blasphemer will not be pleased, because he will not have any good deeds in the afterlife. Instead, he would be practically about to die from the despair.

It came in the authentic hadith:

مَا مِنكم من أحَدٍ إلا سَيُكلّمُهَ رَبُّهُ يَومَ القِيامَةِ لَيسَ بَينَهُ وبَينَهُ تَرْجُمَانٌ

[which means] “There is not one of you except that his Lord will Speak to him on Judgment Day, and there will be no interpreter between them.” Narrated by Ahmad and At-Tirmidhiyy

The Scale

The Scale is true. It is like the scale of this life; it has a pole and a beam and two pans; a pan for the good deeds and a pan for the bad deeds.  The deeds will be weighed on it on Judgment Day, and Jibril and Mikail are in charge of weighing the deeds. What is weighed is the pages upon which the good and bad deeds were written.

The one whose good deeds outweigh his bad deeds will be among the saved people, and the one whose good deeds and bad deeds are equal is also among the saved people, however, his status is lower than the first level and higher than the third. The one whose bad deeds outweigh his good deeds is under the Will of Allah.  If Allah Willed, he will torture him, and if He Willed, He will Forgive him.  As for the blasphemer, his pan of bad deeds will be weightful, and there will be no other situation, because he will not have any good deeds in the Hereafter because he had been fed for his good deeds in the present life.