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The Resurrection and The Gathering on the day of Judgement PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 02 July 2015 02:55

The Resurrection

The Resurrection is true. It is the exiting of the dead from the graves after the reconstruction of their bodies that had been eaten by the soil, if they were among the bodies eaten by the soil. Those are the bodies of other than the Prophets, the martyrs of the battlefield, and some of the Waliyys, because of what was narrated by tawatur of witnessing some of the Waliyys.  The first for whom the grave would split open is our Master Muhammad ﷺ, and the people of Makkah, Madinah and At-Ta’if are among the first who will be resurrected.

The Gathering

The Gathering is true. It is for the people to be gathered after Resurrection in a place, and that would be on the transformed earth, a leveled earth which is completely flat; it is like a stretched skin,  with neither mountains nor valleys in it. It is bigger and wider than this earth of ours, and it is white like silver.

The gathering will be of three categories. One category are people who will be fed, clothed, and riding on female camels with golden saddles, and those would be the pious people; and another category will be barefoot and naked, and those would be the Muslims who are major sinners; and another category will be gathered and dragged on their faces, and they are the blasphemers.