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Existence Is an attribute of Allah PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 05:41


Know, may Allah have Mercy upon you, that Allah the Exalted is Existing Eternally and Everlastingly, so His Existence is not by the creating of a creator.

Some people have considered the statement “Allah [is] Mawjud [Existent]” to be objectionable because the pattern of the word “mawjud” is the pattern dedicated for what receives the action [maf^ul]. The response is that pattern “maf^ul” may be used in reference to what did not receive the action of another, just as we say, “Allah [is] ‘Ma^bud’ [Worshipped].” Those who said that thought about themselves that they have a share in the knowledge of the language, and they are not as they thought they were.

The great linguist and explainer of Al-Qamus, Az-Zabidiyy, said in the explanation of Al-Ihya, “The Creator, the Exalted is “Mawjud,” thus it is valid that He would be seen.”

Al-Fayyumiyy, the linguist and author of Al-Misbah, said, “Al-mawjud is different from the non-existent.”